Barbara & Sage

Barbara Boyle
8:28 AM (11 hours ago)
Sage, my best friend and teacher for 13 years, crossed into the Great Beyond at 11:55 a.m. on August 22nd. Angel numbers…
I’d asked him a few times over the last couple years to die in my arms when his time came, if possible, and avoid the stress of needing vet intervention. With such grace, he granted me that wish. We had a beautiful, profoundly loving communion before he left, and he passed with ease, dignity and peace.
I’m sorry it’s taken this long to let you know. A lot of recouping and regrouping on my part… Alas, I’m doing much better than I’d ever have expected at his passing. He truly saved his greatest gift and teaching for me as his last and the gratitude I feel overcomes much of the grief…..
I’m so grateful for our time with TDJC. Sage and I both loved therapy work above all else that we did together, and I know he had a great impact with his “Heart to Heart Comfort and Joy.” That was a slogan he chose for himself in an animal communication. I asked him to return to me in this life. Or, to choose another beautiful being for me who would also bring a mission of love and service to others, and be a new partner in therapy dog work. I’m confident I’ll be seeing all of you at a certification some day in the future…
I thank you all so much for the love and support you gave to me and to Sage. It was  a profound honor to be part of TDJC and I will always be grateful to all of you. Thank you, Barbara and Sage