Bonnie & Summer

SummerchairBreed: English Springer Spaniel

Date of birth: 8-30-11

Shortly after her first birthday, Summer came from Rochester, MN to join the Iowa City family who had loved her uncle, Chase. After taking obedience courses at SPOT & Co., she became a part of TDJC in 2013.

Summer is an observant and curious English Springer Spaniel who loves visiting patients at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City. Because she still has some puppy-like traits, she can become overly excited at events with a lot of commotion. The predictable environment at Mercy suits her perfectly.

SummerfrisbeeSummer is quite a “talker” who can often be heard saying, in the most amusing manner, “I’m ready! Come on – let’s go!” She likes diving for her soft Frisbee in the snow and practicing obedience skills to earn treats. She loves playing with other dogs and is very interested in TV programs with dogs (often leaving telltale nose prints on the screen!). At the end of the day, she loves to settle in with a belly rub and a ‘nap on a lap.’

Summer likes stuffed toys with long, floppy legs or ears. She entertains us by prancing around with the toy in her mouth, growling and shaking her head back and forth with such energy that the floppy legs repeatedly hit her on the head!

Summer brings smiles wherever she goes because she LOVES people! Her infectious enthusiasm and joyful spirit light up a room, and brighten the days of those we meet.