Kathryn and Sammy

Sammy_A_BIOSammy came from Kentucky to live with Kathryn and her family in May 2015. His original owner gave him up for adoption because members of her family became severely ill, and she felt it wasn’t fair to Sammy to spend so much time away from him. Sammy was her present to herself after she retired. He came to live with her as a puppy, and he was adored by her grandchildren and everyone else if her family. She’s thrilled that he’s an official therapy dog where he can share his love with so many people.
Sammy enjoys exploring the outdoors and taking naps on soft couches. His favorite place to play is Thornberry Dog Park. He likes to get other dogs to chase him so he can show them how fast he can run. Going for car rides is another favorite activity of Sammy’s, especially if he can cuddle in someone’s lap. He loves visiting the drive-thru at Cappana Coffee because they always have yummy treats for him.
Although he his birthday is July 1st, the Fourth of July is his least favorite holiday because the sound of firecrackers scares him a lot.
Sammy likes chewing on bones and pulling the stuffing out of soft toys. He’s extremely helpful about cleaning up food that people accidentally drop on the floor. Most of all, he wants to be close to people and help take care of them. He is so happy when he gets to wear his Pet Partners vest and go visit students and teachers at Penn Elementary for the READ with ME Program.
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Date of birth: 7-1-2011