Katie & Beykee

Beykee_BioKatie Weihbrecht and Sir Francis Bacon (Beykee) love our University of Iowa events where we provide stress relief for the students.  Beykee loves attending these events where his interactions range from a crowd of students petting him or watching him perform a trick to a single student sitting next to him, petting or cuddling him and just enjoying his presence. Beykee’s most famous trick is his “Bang! You’re dead!” trick.

Beykee came from Evansville Animal Care & Control in southern Indiana. He was advertised on Facebook by a group of volunteers trying to find fosters and adopters for urgent cases at EACC. As a large black dog that was surrendered by his owners, he had been placed on the euthanasia list because the shelter was full. Katie saw his picture and fell in love. She drove 8 hours to pick him up and hasn’t looked back since.

Beykee’s favorite activities include eating, therapy dog visits, sleeping, playing in the snow, and more eating.