Emilia & Nya

Nya_A_BioNya came to live with Emilia in June of 2008. She was 3 months old. Nya was born on a farm in Strawberry Point, Iowa. Right after Emilia adopted Nya, she discovered she had mange. Nya struggled through treatments for the next four months, but finally overcame it with help from Dr. Joe Sent of Davenport. She has been a happy, healthy dog ever since!

Nya is a big, gentle, golden retriever. Her favorite thing to do is swim in lakes. She spends a lot of time in the summer in Lake Okoboji and in Lake MacBride. She could retrieve a tennis ball in the water for hours. Emilia and Nya also enjoy walks in the Iowa City Harvest Preserve.

Emilia and Nya recently joined TDJC in June, 2017. Nya loves to visit Emilia’s students at Lemme Elementary. In addition, she loves participating in the READ program at the local libraries. They look forward to participating in other events, such as Stress Relief at the University of Iowa.

Favorite toy: carrying 3 tennis balls in her mouth

Favorite activity: swimming

Favorite book: Clifford the Big Red Dog by Normal Bridwell