Karla & Catalina

IMG_3364Catalina is a 6 year old mix of Cavalier Spaniel, Bishon, Lhasa, and Poodle.  She is a 22 lb. blonde fur ball who came to live with us at age 1.5 years.  At that time, I was making daily visits to a nursing home to visit my mother.  Catalina went with me and was very social with the residents.  I decided then that, when I had the time, I would try to get her certified as a therapy dog.

Fast forward several years and 2 obedience training classes, she passed her exam in the Fall of 2017!

We started volunteering at Kirkwood Elementary School in Coralville in February 2018.  She gets so excited when she hears, “It is time to go to school!”  She loves the children and they love her.