Sarah & Lacey

sarah&Lacey_1Lacey is an English Yellow Labrador Retriever whose birthday is July 5, 2012. She joined our family in the summer of 2017. With my hope of finding a dog who would have the temperament to be a therapy dog, I tracked several breeders for over a year. An Iowa breeder kept rising to the top with an extraordinary reputation for puppies going on to be service dogs and family pets. Lacey became available for adoption after having had three litters of puppies. Her kind and gentle demeanor, along with her easy trainability is a testament to her being well-tended to while she was a momma.

Lacey and I became a registered Therapy Team in the Spring of 2018 through Pet Partners. Lacey enjoys making home visits to individuals with disabilities and to those who have difficulty getting out of the house. She loves having children read to her as part of the Read with Me program at the Coralville Public Library.

sarah&lacey_2Around home, Lacey loves to go on walks and carry around various stuffed animals. Her favorites are her giant turtle, her giant snake, and any random sock that might be laying around. She is not much for playing fetch but Lacey is all about giving and receiving hugs and pats.