Sherri & Brody

Brody came to live with me in 2015 at the age of 4.  Brody is an Australian Shepherd.  He was meant to be a cattle dog but his calm, sweet personality did not fit that job.  HIs job is to bring love to everyone he meets.  Being a therapy dog is his calling.  He spent many hours visiting my mother when she lived in assisted living.  He loves people of all ages and he loves being hugged.

As a therapy team we have participated in finals week stress relief sessions at the University of Iowa Main Library, at the Women’s Action and Resource Center, and at the School of Engineering.  We have visited with children at Wickham Elementary School.   In either setting, Brody is happiest when surrounded by as many students as possible.  We have also participated in a number of charity walks.

We love meeting new people and animals alike.